Conditions of Use

1. Validity

The following conditions apply for orders placed by our customers. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

2. Acceptance of order

After placing an order for a tailored shirt you will receive a confirmation note via email within 24 hours. This note lists in detail all aspects of your shirt - including the price. We will send you a written conformation note upon request. In addition, you should check all details regarding contact address, delivery address and the price of your order. In the unlikely case that an article is not in stock we will notify you within 48 hours after your order has been placed. You may then either change your order (e.g. select a differentt fabric), accept a delay until the item becoms available ogain, or cancel the order alltogether. After this period the agreement of sale will become effective.

3. Right of withdrawal

A custom tailored shirt is a unique item which will be tailored according to your specific information and requests. Consequently, the right of withdrawal does not apply. Exceptions only apply if we fail to execute your order correctly.  In case we make an error we will carry the costs for tailloring a new shirt. Taillored shirts are hand made which means that no two shirts are identical. There is no general right of withdrawl if two shirts vary within the tolerated range in the process of manufacturing. The right of withdrawl remains in effect for those items which were not tailored according to individual preferences (e.g. ties, cuff-links). In this case you may inform us about your withdrawal within 14 days. Please indicate exactly which items you don't want to purchase any more.

4. Tolerance

All shirts will be tailored according to the measurements you provide. If you take the responsibility to provide your body measurements we cannot be made liable for possible measurement errors. As a consquence you should be extremely careful in taking your body measuremsnts and seek our advice if necessary. Again, we point out that manufacturing shirts is largely handcrafted suggesting that two shirts of a single order my differ slighly.

Colours of fabrics may be displayed on your screen in various ways. Please take into accout that - depending on the settings of your screen - colours  might deviate from true colours of the fabrics. Generally, these differences are relatively minor and constitute no deficiencies which justify replacement.

5. Prices

Prices are diplayed inclusive of VAT. Surcharges for ?Extras? are displayed at the different selection options. Surcharges only apply  for features like monograms, certain collar types or special requests like extra long shirts.

6. Shipping

We usually deliver our shirts within 4-5 weeks after order placement. Sometimes it may take longer than 5 weeks. We ship all articles (shirts, Accessoirs) at the lowes possible fees using the services of Deutsche Post/GLS.  Before shipping your shirt we will send you an email to inform you that it is bound to be delivered. The shirt will be delivered to the address which you provided when placing your order. If you want us to ship the shirt to a different address you need to inform us in time.

7. Conditions of payment

We request prepayment of the invoice total by bank transfer to the bank accout which will be disclosed with the confirmation of order. Paying via bank transfer offers a customer the safety that no sensitive data will be communicated via internet.  For us this procedure of payment means that the order is meant to be serious. Producing a custom tailored shirt cannot be sold to a different person. These conditions of payment may deviate for regular costomers.

8. Place of jurisdiction

9. Privacy and data protection
All information that you provide on body measurements, physical addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses will be stored for future orders. Therefore, you don't have to provide that information again during the login process. These personal details of our customers will not be sold or made available to others. We do not send promotion mails to you.
On our internet pages we do not uses social plugins from Facebook, Twitter and others. Therefore, these companies can not collect any data of you visit of our web pages and subsequently use them for commercial purposes. In addition, we offer no provider for payment services like Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Again, no personal data are transferred to these providers. 
In oder to provide our services with a maximum of comfort, we use little code files (cookies) which are stored on your computer either permanently or temporarily. Those which are stored permanently are used to recognise your machine and therefore it would be possible to resume your order process if interrupted. Every modern browser gives you the opportunity to adjust the level of cookie acceptance. If you do not allow our cookies to be stored on your machine, the order process might not function properly.
If you want to know which personal data we have stored please make an inquiry in written form.