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Easy care and non-ironing are often thought to be high quality features of fabrics. This is, however, not necessarily true because cotton fibers are twisted and non-ironing is not a natural feature of organic matter. To stretch a cotton fiber it is necessary to apply chemical and physical force. The disadvantage of these different treatments is that the fabric becomes less permeable to air and absorbs less fluids compared to untreated fabrics. In particular, the fabric often becomes less sturdy and durable. As a consequence, we offer only a limited selection of these types of fabrics.

OELKRUG custom tailored shirts have a finishing which does not compromise the feel and look of a shirt. We opt to add only those fabrics to our collection which show the best compromise between well feeling and easy care. Such a selection can only be offered if there is a intensive exchange of ideas and feedback between weavers, customer and us.

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